I bought a condo back in February and wanted to renovate       everything.  Hershel, Sharli and his team helped me   completely redo my kitchen (custom cabinets, backsplash,   island, etc.) and two bathrooms (marble countertops, new   tiles, glass shower/bathtub doors, etc.).  They also took care   of all the electrical and plumbing aspects (dimmers in   bathrooms are a MUST!). 

 The entire team was very professional, honest, and   responsive.  We were in touch almost every day and they kept   me up to date on the status of everything.  The renovation   process was completed in a timely manner as expected and   although there were unexpected complications, they made   sure everything worked out and I could tell they genuinely   cared. 

 Everyone that comes over to my place LOVES how everything   turned out, especially the exquisite tile work in the   bathrooms.  I've recommended Construction For Less to so   many of my friends and will continue to do so because they   are amazing!

​​-Adelle Greenfield

​ Description of work:
 Kitchen & Bathroom remodel

 From the very start of this project "Construction For Less"   were extremely professional and helpful in explaining to us   all of the many elements that would eventually come   together so that we would have an attractive, safe and   durable addition to our home. The structural elements that   went in to constructing our deck on sloping hillside were   huge. Something like 16-18 caissons and at least 4-5 cement   pours were necessary to form the foundation. The job came     in on time (5) months from start to finish and slightly above   budget as a result of increased materials cost. Good   communication with contractors on a job like this is very   important. Construction For Less were very good at keeping   us advised every step of the way. We would recommend them   to anyone in need of a first rate construction team.

-Stuart Graber

 Description of work:

 We added a "DECK" and other improvements to our property.

What people are saying about us 

HMO Construction, Inc. did a great job with my complete   remodel.  The complete remodel included, electric, drywall,   plumbing, hvac, hardwood floors, bathroom tile, kitchen   cabinets and counter tops and much more. They did an   amazing job. Communication with the team was always   smooth. I never felt pressured. In fact, they were great at   putting up with my pressure! Today, a year later, they asked   me to please right a review and I have no problem writing   one  for them.  A rating!

-Dize Shami

​ Description of work:
 Complete remodeling